Body to Baby, top 5 tips!

We have the beautiful ladies from Body to Baby giving us their top 5 tips when it comes to pre-natal, pregnancy and post-natal!
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1. Get to know your boobs!
Pregnancy is the perfect time to really get to know your boobs! Particularly if you intend to breastfeed, the antenatal period is the time to start!
Notice changes to your breasts- are they getting bigger? does the tissue feel different? And identify any potential breastfeeding hurdles such as inverted nipples, flat nipples, breast augmentation or breast reduction. Be proactive & get in touch with a lactation consultant for some extra guidance before baby arrives!

2. Hydration, hydration, hydration!…did we mention hydration?

Your level of hydration can have a direct impact on your supply. So coming into an Australian summer, it is super important to stay hydrated. We often employ the mantra of “drink when the baby drinks” so have a drink bottle handy at all times.

3. Demand feed

Follow your baby’s cues. Take the time in the early days/weeks to get to know your baby. Following their lead will have many benefits for you and your supply, as well as your win! A feeding “schedule” often creates more stress than structure.

4. Hakka pump

What an invention! Catching up to 200ml of let down with each feed, this little silicone piece of magic is a must have! Don’t let your adjacent breast let-down go to waste, catch it in the Hakka pump and start stocking your freezer full of EBM. You’ll thank us once you return to work and you already have litres of milk stored :-D

5. Treat yourself to a good bra

Whether your big busted or party of the itty-bitty committee- invest in a good bra. Particularly if you’re enjoying walks with your baby a great comfy/supportive/feeding friendly sports bra will be an essential investment. We personally love the @Cadenshae bras, & have lived in them since having our own babies.
P.S Did you know.....
Breast milk is individualised, complex & forever changing! It contains stem cells, water and fat soluble vitamins as well as infection fighting cells such as white cells. No two women will have the same breast milk! Things like the gestation at which your baby is born, diet, lifestyle and genetic factors will all influence your breast milk composition.... pretty amazing huh!
Written by Matilda, Body to Baby